3 in One Truck Ties

We liked these so much that when we featured them in the magazine we decided to feature them on our website as well. It's about the coolest thing to make trucks easier to use in a long time.

Simply squeeze the 3 in One Truck Tie and drop it into your stake pocket along your bedside. It instantly adds a tiedown point; either a hook or rope can be used. You can also hold down a tarp when covering your load by simply pushing the tarp into the stake pocket hole and dropping in your 3 in One Truck Tie.

They don't rust, rot or scratch your truck. They don't require that you make them permanent. They can be moved from rig to rig. You don't have to spend a fortune and they're tough as nails so you can feel comfortable tying your load down.

Good for 300 pounds each, these nylon tiedowns are weatherproof and take cold or hot temps with ease. Made in the USA.
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