TrailSac, choice of CRAWL or TRAILS logo

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We like these, a lot. So much so that we went to the guys at SpiderWebShade and had them make us our own. The fabric is durable and allows your trash to drain while hanging out the backside of your rig. You can also use it for wet clothes, unruly children and anything else that is dirty, wet or otherwise worthy of hanging on the outside of your rig. Or, if you want, hang inside your rig and stow gear and keep things under control. 

The CRAWL TrailSac measures approximately 18" wide by 30" long, includes a pair of Spider Balls to hang from your cage or tailgate and the CRAWL Magazine logo is emblazoned upon it to show that you're truly hardcore and concerned about the trails we use.

The TRAILS TrailSac is roughly 19" wide by 21" long, also includes a pair Spider Balls to hang it and is available in both black and gray with the TRAILS logo. This one is perfect for interior use as well as hanging off the backside of your adventure vehicle.

Pack it in and back out again with ease.